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Infopathy P – parasites

SiriSana Infopathie P - is informative and designed to support all parasitic loads.

You can find more information in the product brochure


Contents: 50 ml in frosted glass with pipette.50 ml in violet glass with pipette Each Infopathika in 50 ml is sufficient for a therapy period of 100 days.


adult 3  x 3 drops, children 1 – 2 drops

+ always take in interaction with zeolite and base agent (e.g. DR. Jacobs base powder).


To take the product

The human body always chooses the best way to ensure its functionality. These include special biochemical programs that ensure that toxins are stored in the body. This can happen in the body's own tissue, but also with the participation of symbiotic and pathogenic agents and fungi. When physical health is completely restored, stored toxins are inevitably mobilized and eliminated, especially when symbionts and pathogens are killed medically. This can lead to initial aggravation of symptoms, up to and including Herxheimer reactions, in which the mobilized load of toxins overwhelms the body's ability to regulate, which in extreme cases can lead to death.


Please make sure that classic detoxification symptoms such as a runny nose, diarrhea and skin irritations are part of normal symptoms, and discontinue the medication if necessary, or reduce the dose according to the healing process.

Infopathy P – parasites

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100% colloidal silica  with infopathic energizing

Consumption recommendation:

Put 3 x 3 drops directly on the tongue before or with meals.

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