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SiriSana Infopathy - SUMplus

The universal primal essence of the creative order

SUMplus is a high-level informative creation. It is geared towards  To establish "creative order" in life.  You can find more information in the product brochure

SUMplus is included in every Infopathikum as the most important source of information. With SUMplus, all information combinations remain constantly at the same high level. SUMplus protects against external radiation.

SUMplus - the universal primal essence - power unfolds on all levels.

"SUM" means "I Am", the "Plus" is the creation of the "Creative Order". SUMplus is a special gift that is aimed at the change in consciousness of our time in a new age, as a high creation for all life forms. SUMplus is the most important basis for the Creative Order developed in our consortium.

This essence helps us to restore our own strength and restores the harmony of body-mind-soul as far as our consciousness allows. It adapts to our consciousness and goes with the resulting development of consciousness.

SUMplus is specifically designed to MAINTAIN RESTORED HEALTH.

"Infopathikum SUMplus"  is a valuable friend and companion on all levels to find our potential.

Content: 50 ml in frosted glass with pipette.  100% colloidal silica

SiriSana Infopathy - SUMplus

CHF88.00 Regular Price
CHF79.20Sale Price
Excluding VAT

100% kolloidales Siliziumdioxid.

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