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LOTUS soloist

LOTUS soloist


Water activator for energizing and informing drinking water. Capacity: 10 liters per hour.


The LOTUS soloist strengthens the connection between DNA and natural order.


The LOTUS products are based on the effect of a micronized quartz flour which, based on Global Scaling research, was attached to the "standing wave" of the "fundamental fractal".


As part of global scaling research, science has recognized that all stable structures of the universe are in a fractal order to one another. There are, for example, tornadoes, tornadoes and hurricanes, but no whirlwinds of intermediate sizes. This order of matter was fully understood through global scaling, and knowledge of the underlying formulas made it possible to specifically link matter to the structuring background field.


The DNA plays a central role in global scaling research , since it is the main node of all vibrations in terms of size, weight and working frequency, so to speak in the "room of scales" it represents the center of the universe.  With a stronger connection to this information field, it would be expected that the material expression that represents the DNA would adapt to the underlying information field. This means that all DNA regeneration processes are facilitated.


Since the DNA is the source of order in the organism, many different health aspects are affected here.


  • This connection is transferred to the drinking water when using the LOTUS rods. It becomes soft in taste, 1.7% colloidal according to our tests, and binds the entire body to the background field after it has been absorbed by the body.


  • Should foreign DNA be introduced into the human genome by reverse transcriptase in the course of mRNA vaccinations, this process could possibly be reversed by strengthening the connection to the natural background field.


To make the effect more harmonious for the human body, some precious and semi-precious stones have been added to the quartz flour, including opal and diamond.


LOTUS soloist

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Der Lack ist "Kelterlack", ein alkohol-basierter Lack aus der Produktion für Gerätschaften in der Weinherstellung. Kelterlack ist Lebensmittelecht und Wasserunlöslich. Wir haben uns für diese Lackierung entschieden um den schmalen Spalt unter der Pressmuffe zu versiegeln, damit sich dort kein Grünspan bilden kann, und um den Kunden, die den Stab gerne poliert halten, ein Ende zum anfassen anzubieten. Unberührt, ohne Fingerabdrücke, bleibt der blanke Teil des Stabes länger auf Glanz.

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