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SiriSana is a family of alternative medicine researchers and healing professionals brought together to provide solutions to humanity's most recent health challenges.


The solutions that have emerged from this research combine the insights of colloid-based medicine and infopathy.

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Ultra colloidal  -
Silicon dioxide
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  • balance  - 30ml

  • balance  - 100ml

  • balance  - 200ml

Magnesium Chloride
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  • balance  - 100ml

  • balance  - 200ml

Ultra colloidal -
Silver (AG)
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  • k silver - 30ml

Ultra colloidal - colloidal hyaluronic acid
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  • Balance S - 30ml


  Clinoptilolite Zeolite


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  • 400g can

Detox  Boxing

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available as:

  • Foundation

  • Escort

  • Rescue

  • Time loop

  • Counterstrike

The Secret of the
colloid technique


Do you agree that what doctors call diseases are actually deficiency or detoxification processes?


Nutrients and toxins share the same transport system in the body. Particles float cloaked in water in blood, lymph and connective tissue fluids, slipping through cell walls to reach their destination: in, or out.


This system works only if the nutrient and toxin particles have a certain size, because then they fit into the body's own water envelopes, so-called water colloids.

In this way, the body works like a well-built highway, with several lanes, so that each passenger reaches his destination without traffic jams.


SiriSana products have the optimal colloidal size. After the special colloidal preparation of the liquids such as silicon dioxide, magnesium chloride or silver, the active ingredients sit in ready-made water colloids ex works.

This enables the body to absorb them immediately and transport them to their destination.


For this purpose, we use the products of SanoVita AG. Their particle mills and water colloidators are unique worldwide in precision and quality.


The goal: optimal bio availability.

In harmony with nature

back to the creative order.

SiriSana ® Balance - 

Powered by the Institute of Infopathy ®

Infopathy ®
what is it and how does it work?

Do you also think that it is better to inform the body how to bring itself back into balance than to manipulate its sense of balance with chemical agents in such a way that healing and healing symptoms are suppressed?

Infopathie © is the synthesis of the most successful information medicine techniques. It integrates the possibilities of homeopathy, radionics, quantum healing, milieu medicine and psychokinesiology. The Institut für Infopathie UG in Radolfzell on Lake Constance builds on the living legacy of Ekkehard Sirian Scheller, who has developed the basics of Infopathy © and an extensive archive of radionic signatures in over 20 years of practice.

These signatures are used both in individual therapy at the institute and in the development of SiriSana © products.


Today the institute faces the new challenges of our time; the developing diseases of civilization such as the autism spectrum, degenerative diseases of old age and the final treatment of the COVID complex. This includes not only the disease itself, but also the long-term damage caused by the infection, vaccination damage, and the consequences of shedding.


The SiriSana © products represent optimal combinations of nutritional supplements and Infopathie © . The minerals that the body needs are filled with precisely the information that tells the body where regeneration has to take place. 

The special colloidal base

of the SiriSana products

Colloidal water consists of liquid "transport shells", large H2O mega-molecules that can contain nutrients and toxins. This structure of the water is identical to the body's own water, which organizes the material flows in the lymphatic system and the connective tissue fluids. In particular, the combination of colloidal water and colloidal particles that are included in these clusters are a unique selling point of the carrier substances of SiriSana products.

Vertrauen in die Natur und

unseren Körper
Ast halten
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Lakhovsky -      


                                             Cosmic spiral



At SIRISANA® we make use of the balancing and restorative effects of the Lakhovsky Cosmic Spiral, both in the form of an energizing symbol on our labels and of deposited information on the colloidal products themselves. 


Experience a new health technology

for body, mind and soul!


The cosmic spiral is a synthesis of the spiral shape resulting from the Golden Section and the Lakhovsky Antenna. The Lakhovsky antenna is a substation that absorbs biological fields of all possible frequencies and emits this energy on the frequency where it receives the least input. Working with this antenna on the human body, the various vital functions are energetically synchronized and harmonized. 


In combination with the coiled form of the Golden Section, this antenna form attracts additional energy from the cosmos and makes it available to the overall system. This energization on all frequencies promotes detoxification processes and increases vitality and well-being.


Alignment - Stability - Erection

for body - mind and soul


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