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Primeval mineral zeolite

URMINERALIEN- Zeolite Master of detoxification.

What is URMINERAL - Zeolite?

Zeolite is a microporous volcanic rock, i.e. a rock with tiny pores that were once created by volcanic gas inclusions. Zeolite detoxifies metabolic waste products by means of ion exchange.

URMINERAL - Zeolite detoxifies by means of adsorption

For example, bacterial toxins are detoxified from the zeolite via adsorption, as well as cytokines (substances that promote inflammation), free radicals and metabolic waste products.


Zeolite also provides the people with necessary minerals through ion exchange.

The proven ion exchange function and the adsorptive forces are now also used for the benefit of humans in order to remove metabolic waste products and free radicals from the body.


The primal mineral clinoptilolite in zeolitic form is a natural dietary supplement with 3-fold effectiveness:

  The powder supplies the body with essential minerals.

  The powder removes environmental pollutants and metabolic waste products through the intestines.

  The powder strengthens the body's self-healing powers

("Silicon effect").

The URMINERAL  (Clinoptilolite in zeolitic form)has several mechanisms with which it can rid the human body of toxins. This is then excreted through the intestines without any problems and no longer burdens the body.

Similar to a sponge, zeolite binds toxins:

  • Acids

  • Heavy metals

  • Intestinal gases

  • Bacterial toxins

  • Mold toxins and many more.


human and nature

"The doctor treats, but it is nature that heals"

URMINERALIEN is made from natural sedimentary rocks of clinoptilolite zeolite (> 88%) through high-tech manufacturing processes with constant quality control.  

SanoViva AG production facility

The key to success:

  •   High-tech processing

  •   Obtaining an extremely high

    Adsorptive structure that promotes the creation of a high cation exchange capacity;

A silicon deficiency causes a number of diseases  

  • including dementia, joint pain, osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis and skin diseases. Those who regularly consume minerals containing silicon - such as clinoptilolite in zeolitic form - can protect themselves from many diseases.

Quote: Prof. em. Dr. med. Dr. med. habil. Karl Hecht

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