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Balance V - Pills 10g

Radionics: The product bears the radionic signature of reFertil , as well as a specification for vaccinated persons. reFertil is an infopathic remedy and addresses the common denominator of long covid, vaccination consequences and shedding symptoms, in particular the potential consequences of a spike protein allergy or the autoimmune reactions that may be triggered by spike proteins.


This may include damage to the reproductive organs and - due to the high degree of similarity between the proteins - especially in the connective tissue between the fetus and the uterus. reFertil is designed as a preventive measure and, as an infopathic, is not a medical product.


In Balance V , the specification for vaccinated persons concerns selected information mechanisms via which the body of the vaccinated person reacts to the presence of vaccine components, in particular the presence of spike proteins in the cell nucleus and the damage that may result from it. Spike proteins are suspected of impairing the regenerative ability of DNA and weakening the immune system (Nrf2 production). Balance V is designed as a preventive measure and as an infopathic is not a medical product.


Application: Pills for ingestion. Unless otherwise individually tested, let 3x3 pellets dissolve under the tongue every 30 minutes before meals.

Balance V - Pills 10g

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