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Book Candidalism - Candidalism - Stealth Systems Detected; dangers averted


The book of

HP Ekkehard Scheller with his knowledge about the causes of diseases and their solutions.

  (7th edition)


A book for therapists and patients


Book Candidalism - Summary and preview here:

Disguised fungi and parasites in the blood. Healing through a harmonious blood milieu. A book that leads to inner freedom.


Since 1995, Ekkehard Sirian Scheller has been observing changes in the blood environment using a dark field microscope.

Through fungi, parasites, bacteria and viruses and through their toxins, radiation, the so-called electrosmog, food, addictions, specific and general and drug toxins, as well as mental, psychological, often insurmountable stress.

The body is massively burdened by heavy metals and especially stress, which has a destructive intracellular effect as oxidative stress due to the massive internal stress. With the knowledge and therapy of Ekkehard Sirian Scheller we can counteract this.

The solution, HP Scheller's infopathy: harmonization on all levels and complete liberation.

Ekkehard Scheller coined the term of camouflaged forms of pathogens such as Candida fungi or the unicellular flagellate, the trichomonads, or C-Candida and C-Trichomonads for short. It serves to differentiate from the known forms (camouflage = camouflage, disguise). Today, the Borrelia are also able to protect themselves from discovery by using an intracellular camouflage. Through his research, he managed to decode these camouflaged parasites and to develop an effective therapy, Infopathy® .


This knowledge and practical implementation makes it possible today to drain heavy metals and toxins in a simple form (also from the nerve cells) and to restore the pathogens to their original form. These tips are also directed at the therapist, since every therapy at every level leads much more easily to the goal of healing.

Book Candidalism - Candidalism - Stealth Systems Detected; dangers averted

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