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Cosmic Balance - Fragrance for her

Cosmic Balance - fragrance for her

Cosmic Balance products are designed to bring peace back to life between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. The brilliant idea came with the knowledge that the discomfort that unvaccinated people feel in the presence of the vaccinated is triggered by pheromone receptors. The pheromone receptors that respond to the spike proteins are the same ones that signal the odor of corpses. Pheromone receptors can easily be occupied by essential oils and thus blocked, so there is the possibility of preventing the effect with a perfume.


As an infopathic, the subjective well-being is underpinned with signatures so that it does not become a trap, which preventively counter the process of infection with the shedding effects on the energetic level.


This perfume is not only an aid in dealing with the Covid disease and its secondary aspects, as an eau de cologne it is also a revelation of the beauty of the flower kingdom.

Cosmic Balance - fragrance for her is a balanced composition of the essential oils of rose, tangerine and apricot blossom in alcohol.

Cosmic Balance - Fragrance for her

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