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noBotix globules 1.3g

Description noBotix:


noBotix is a purely radionic formulation on globules and integrates the radionic concepts of SuperZeo (new edition in planning) or Super Zeolite (, juVenilum (set link) and the radionic signature of the LOTUS water activators (set link). It is suitable for preventive use and covers all three aspects of transhumanism:


A. Prevention of the biochemical imbalances that can lead to Morgellon infection, 

B. Prevention of biochemical imbalances leading to self-assembly of neuronal nanobots

C. Preventing mRNA genetic manipulation by enhancing the self-repair ability of human DNA


WARNING: the dissolution of neuronal nanobots can lead to neuronal disorders in the first few days of treatment, such as poor concentration and "disrupted" thought processes. We do not recommend driving a car in this condition. if occurring,  these symptoms usually subside after about three days.


In the case of pronounced biochemical imbalances with existing physical symptoms such as candida, borelliosis, Morgellons, cancer or degenerative age-related diseases, we recommend using the higher-quality individual products SuperZeo, juVenilum and LOTUS as complementary medicine, since with their help the topics can be tackled one after the other, and the higher-quality carrier substances always are also responsible for the elimination of mobilized toxins and/or for a supporting nutritional supplement. If the intake of noBotix leads to strong detoxification symptoms that overload the body's ability to regulate, the preparation should be discontinued immediately. This means that noBotix is indicated for people who feel healthy, are symptom-free and want to preventively protect themselves against the growth of transhumanistic technologies and genetic changes in their bodies. 

noBotix globules 1.3g

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